Round-the-World, post 1

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Quick, what’s the circumference of the world at the equator? Right, 24,901.55 miles. I didn’t actually measure it, but I did Google it. Of course, if you measure it North/South, through the poles, it’s a bit less. So the world is a little bit rounder than it is tall. Kind of like me after all this holiday eating I’ve been doing. How was I to know cinnamon rolls were fattening? The TV said cinnamon was good for you so I just kept eating them. 
So, it’s about 25,000 miles around the world. This vacation-on-HGH that Yvonne and I are taking is 51,643 air miles. That’s equivalent to flying twice around world at the equator. It’s a bit of misnomer then to call it a Round-the World trip, more like Twice-Around-the-World.
We’ve just completed the first leg, last night from the U.S. to Chile. Tomorrow we fly back to the U.S.. Sound like poor planning? You’ve got it! Actually, you’ve got to know the history of this for this to make any sense at all. I hate to sound pedantic, but life is like that…you’ve got to know the history for stuff to make sense out of it. When I bought these tickets (with airline miles) back in February we were living in Chile and assumed we’d be living in Chile right now. So the tickets began in Chile. It made sense at the time.
Now, however, I’m living in Baltimore. That’s in Maryland. The “round-the-world” tickets couldn’t be changed so I had to add on some extra flights just to begin and end the trip.
“Who cares?” you say. Well, sadly, this points out the problems with Blogs, doesn’t it? A guy can just ramble on endlessly about nothing of consequence and still put it on the Internet. I have to suppose though, that most sentient beings will have stopped reading by now, and probably only my Mom and Dad are still reading. Although Dad might have quit too.
“Hi, Mom!”
So tomorrow it’s on to central Chile, then back here to Santiago and on to Dallas and then Detroit. If you were planning a Twice-Around-the-World trip wouldn’t you visit Detroit? Maybe if your kids lived near there you would. Then on Saturday on to Madrid, then Cairo, London, Delhi, Hong Kong, Beijing, Sydney, Auckland, Queenstown, Easter Island, back to Chile and then home to Baltimore. That’s in Maryland.
I’ll write again if anything happens of interest. If not, my next post will probably be a lot like this one. END David Roller

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