Baltimore Pyramid

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(Posted from Cairo)

I can’t pretend to get into the minds of the pharaohs. I really have no idea what drove them to build these pyramids. Maybe their friends taunted them, maybe it was just trying to keep up with the Ramses.

But you can see what was on their minds. The afterlife mainly. These guys were crazy about the afterlife. And it’s not that life wasn’t good for them, but they were really, really concerned about the afterlife.

Cheops spent 20 years building his tomb. If that’s not a neurosis I’ve never seen one. I will admit that it’s a jim-dandy of a tomb, (people are still paying $20 a pop to see it 4,600 years later) but it IS a tomb.

For them, it was all about the afterlife. Seems like most people don’t spend much time thinking about the afterlife anymore, other than kind of a skeptical hopefulness. Sure, we Christians do, unless we’re afraid of being accused of escapism. But even Christians seem, at best, to muster up a vague enthusiasm for something that really merits more adrenaline. Let’s have a little more excitement people! We’re gonna die! And then, cool news, we’re going to the afterlife!!

I believe it. And I’m sorry it took a neurotic Pharaoh to remind me of the reality of it. Obviously, the pharoahs didn’t have a lot of revelation about God but they did an awful lot with the little bit they had. We do an awful little with the lot we have.

I’m getting so excited I just downloaded blueprints for a pyramid to build in our backyard in Baltimore which is, unfortunately, only 20 feet wide, so, yes, it will be a small pyramid. Don’t taunt me, man.
—————— David Roller

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