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(Posted on Sunday, or maybe Saturday)

It’s Sunday here in China, although its still Saturday in half of the world. Ha, ha, we’re winning!

If anybody understands the whole International Date Line thing just keep it to yourself, nobody likes a smart-aleck.

I’m doing a little scientific experiment: I’ve left the digital part of my watch on Baltimore time to see, as I travel east around the world if I gain a day. That’s my hypothesis: That I’m going to gain a day and will therefore always be a day younger and have to move my birthday from March 19th to March 20th. Note to smart people; don’t bother writing and explaining why I’m wrong.

So today’s Sunday and we’re taking a sabbath. Yes, a sabbath on a vacation. As I understand God’s economy, we’re to set aside one day in seven. Set it aside for worship as well as for “not work.” Since our vacation involves going out and seeing stuff we aren’t even going to try to find a church today. We’ll just have “church” right here in our hotel room.

I schedule sabbaths months ahead in my calendar. I write SABBATH in all caps on the day that will function as our sabbath that week. They’re rarely on a Sunday, often on Tuesdays.

But this International Date Line thing has me all worked up. If I gain a day by traveling east around the world, then my whole calendar’s going to be messed up! I’ll be showing up for appointments a day late (or a day early, I don’t know which) and I’ll be celebrating sabbaths on all the wrong days. Smart people; just relax, let me have my fun.

By the way I’m also conducting an experiment to see if the world is flat. If you don’t hear from me again after tomorrow you can know that it is indeed flat, and we have sailed off the edge into perpetual sabbaths.
David Roller

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