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(Posted from Chile )

Well, it’s over. At least in a technical sense; we have flown around the world. When we arrived back on Chilean soil this afternoon, which we had left on January 3, we had circumnavigated the globe in 24 days.

And, for those who have followed my hypothesis about being forever a day younger: I was wrong. That crazy International Date Line messed me up. For those new to this blog, I’ve left my digital watch “as is” from when we left Baltimore. Alas, upon arriving back in Santiago, both the hour and date are correct. So, I’m sure all the smart people are rolling their eyes, like “what was he thinking?” But this is one of the joys of not knowing everything; the joy of wondering, the joy of experimentation, and the joy of being flat wrong on something that doesn’t matter.

And, for the more juvenile, to not say infantile, reader, you would be interested to know that I went around the world without changing my jeans. Yes, that’s right friends, 24 days in my trusty levis. I just wanted the bragging rights. The dubious bragging rights. I think it’s a guy thing.

The other funny thing about today is that we got it twice. We left Auckland Sunday at 5:25PM, flew 12 hours and arrived in Santiago at noon on Sunday. After a 5 hour wait we departed (for a 2nd time) on Sunday evening, this time at 6:05PM. Go figure that one out, smart people.

Sorry to not have anything to write, about which we could ruminate, but my brain is temporarily “on hold” after 11 hours on the plane and the anticipation of 5 more.

On to Easter Island! David Roller

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