Bad Plans

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  (Posted from AM devotions)

I’ve got some really bad plans. Not bad, like morally wrong, just goofy-bad. Like they don’t make sense if you subject them to any kind of scrutiny. Like somebody needs to slap me and say, "snap out of it!"

So I’m really enjoying reading Joshua. Talk about your goofy plans.. Plan number 1: "Okay fellows, we’re going to cross the river by just kind of starting to walk across it and then the water’s gonna stop." I suspect there may have been an awkward silence and a bit of sandal scuffing when Joshua shared this plan with the priests. I mean, really, that’s it? That’s your plan?

Plan number 2:"Okay fellows, we’re going to break through the city walls of Jericho by, get this, walking around the city in silence, then we’re going to shout. Really loud." More scuffing of sandals. Some brave priest lifts his hand, "so the plan is to shout, really loud?" All kinds of sarcasm opportunities present themselves when they returned to their tents.

See, I know what the church should do and I know how to do it, but my plan is really stupid, so I’m enjoying Joshua a lot.

Beware, ye scuffers of sandals. Beware of really simple plans! There is a man with a drawn sword on the road ahead of us.