Bored out of my Heart

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(Posted from Chicago) I got to wondering if the Holy Spirit might get bored with me. I mean, He has been in so many amazing people, and stirred so many grand hearts, He might sigh gently at my chicken-heart; at my caution, my faint hopes and miniature plans.

Wouldn’t it be cool if He were excited by my disposition? By my posture of acceptance? Even by a thing as simple as my persistent hope?

The idea of the Fullness of the Spirit also suggests the opposite can be true, doesn’t it?: “the Partialness of the Spirit”, or perhaps more accurately, “the partialness of my heart.” I guess that means if the Spirit is bored in me, it’s my own fault, for not giving Him space, for not giving Him any expectations. It’d be like buying a Ferrari and then just parking it sideways in my garage; dashing any hopes or expectation of speed.

The Holy Spirit is a terrible spirit to waste. He just might get bored out of our hearts, and go looking for some action.
David Roller

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