Angels like Red Punch

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  (Posted from Florida)

You will see angels along your path, but they will not look like angels. They
will not be backlit with spotlights, nor proclaim stuff, nor have wings punching
through their sweaters.

They may very well wander into your church next
Sunday morning. They won’t fit in, because they are, after all, angels. They may stop by your church on their way somewhere else, to see how you welcome those who don’t
fit in.

But when angels come, please welcome them
graciously: it goes in their report. Please tell them quickly about Jesus – you’ll see them smile.
Explain everything to them clearly, show them around the fellowship hall: fellowship well with them, don’t prohibit red punch, they like red punch, I have reason to believe. Remember, they are not from,
around here.

If they have tennis shoes on, or speak with a funny accent,
or the tone of their skin is different, you"ll understand, they’re not from,
around here. This is how they work. Undercover, definitely undercover.

And if, by chance,
you accidentally treat someone who is NOT an angel as though they were, it’s
okay. You will have welcomed them…just like Jesus.