Use your Super Powers

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What’s your power? Can you move physical objects by concentrating really really hard? Can you turn yourself into a firestorm when you get angry? Or maybe you can see through steel? Fly? Or my personal favorite, make yourself invisible? (I’ve been working on this last one and I’ve gotten to where most people ignore me, I just need one more little push to get from being ignored to being invisible.)

Pop culture yearns for super powers. Movie after movie tell the story of “normal” people discovering their super-powers. (Fantastic Four, Incredibles, Narnia, X-men, Spidey, and on and on).

The crazy thing is, and I need to ask you to keep this a secret, I DO have powers! Hollywood has not come knocking yet but I expect the call any day.

I don’t want to be too explicit about what my powers are but let’s just say they’re really cool.

My powers though have a major difference from the powers that we see in the movies: I really am more of just a carrier or host for the source of the powers, I don’t have any powers on my own. Sound spooky? Naw, it’s not spooky, it just involves living on a spiritual plane.

If the New Testament were being written today, when they write about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit I think they’d talk about the super powers He enjoys distributing: The understanding power, the unlearned knowledge power, the restoring health power, the administration power, the language power, the irrational generosity power.

Wasn’t Phillip teleported to Azotus? Wasn’t venom impotent against Paul? Couldn’t John see well into the future? Didn’t Jesus raise a dead guy? Got goosebumps? Welcome to the supernatural. What’s your power?

Of course the first century worldview assumed a complete integration of the spiritual and material worlds. Its only been for the past few hundred years that the “modern” worldview has divided the spiritual world from the material world, sowing doubt that the former might penetrate the latter. But I’ve got good news! The secular worldview has changed and now they believe!

Ironically many secular americans believe more in the spirit world than do Christians. They think they might have powers while the Christians are pretty sure they don’t.

Find your super powers and use them!

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