Zero zeros

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Well, it’s been a year now that I’ve been privileged to serve the church from this office. And it has been a delight! I suppose the first year is always wonderful, I don’t know, I’ve never done this before. All I can tell you is what I’ve experienced.

I hope our churches treat everyone the way Yvonne and I have been treated these past 12 months. Everyone has been kind and welcoming. And I mean that literally, everyone.
Doesn’t that tell us something about the FMC? I think it’s revealing that we’re not consumed with complaints and problems. We don’t seem to be suspicious about our leaders. There’s something healthy about a church that embraces leadership. I suspect this is a part of what God is doing among us.

Another observation I’d make is that we’re eager for God to move among us. Eager enough to let go of our own pet peeves and denominational desires to pay attention to God. And in fact, He is moving among us. I regularly hear witnesses to God among us.

I also notice that He seems to be turning the FMC “sweet.” In Spanish, “fresh water” is called “sweet water,” and that’s what I mean by “sweet.” We’re not a sickly sticky sweet church, but refreshingly sweet, like fresh water. Maybe I should stick with biblical metaphors like “living water.”

As I write this I’m sitting on a bus outside the subway in DC. There are many individuals all around me. I’m not sure if they’re all Christians. I’d like to think so, but perhaps not. I’m particularly doubtful about the man brandishing a length of pipe.

I do have one little thing I’d like to suggest to the FMC. It really is such an obvious thing that I’m embarrassed to mention it. But here it is: I’m asking that we have zero churches this year report zero converts. Maybe you’ve been bashful, or didn’t want to toot your own horn, but I’d like to see every church "go and make disciples this year," at least one.

Well, if you hate my idea, that’s okay, I’m not going to be heavy-handed about it. But a lot of people need Jesus in their today and their tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be cool if zero churches reported zero converts? Maybe one church could even reach the man with the pipe.   

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you by leading us toward “freshness” and zero zeros.