Praying for Mitch’s healing

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You may know that Bishop Thomas’s son, Mitch is fighting cancer. Mitch is a witty bright lad, mid-20s,
solid Christ-follower. This cancer-thing has him on the ropes right now and we’re running out of solutions. Not out of hope, but out of solutions.

I’ve been praying for God to miraculously heal his body, as a witness to His power, to convince many of His goodness and grace. But also so Mitch would have more years of joyful service. Would you join me?

I actually took a class in seminary on Divine Healing, not to teach us "how to" but to encourage us to wrestle with all the issues surrounding healing. I very much believe it still happens today and have often seen God heal bodies, as well as minds, emotions, and relationships. But this isn’t a class, this isn’t theory, this is a skinny young man lying on hospital sheets, hungry to live a full life.

So now we’re praying for Mitch’s healing. Would you stretch your faith with me on this? Even right now? We will praise Him forever for his touch on Mitch’s body.

-thanks, friends-