The Sinner is Always Right

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(Posted from Denver) Of course, the customer is not always right. But it’s more about the retailer’s attitude than a statement of fact. What it means is, “we will treat you with respect and give you the benefit of the doubt. ”
The old evangelism paradigm assumed that all sinners were burdened by the weight of their sins and were just waiting to hear the good news of forgiveness. Not true anymore. In the U.S., at least, there is not a big sense of alienation from God or of guilt.

But most of our preaching and evangelism assumes that guilt is the question that Jesus answers. Relief from guilt is part of this healing message of Jesus, but it’s bigger than that. And here is where it helps to remember that the sinner is always right. The sinner needs us to help them find answers to their questions, not give them questions to which we happen to know the answers. The sinner always has the right question. Not the right answer, but the right question.

So, what are the questions sinners are asking? Can we hear them? Do we know the answers?

Here are questions I hear, “Why does my life suck?”
“Why do other people get ahead and I fall further behind?”
“How can I get a good job?”
“How can I get out of this financial straight jacket?” “Why can’t I lose weight?” “How can I have a better marriage?”

The church that answers questions sinners are asking will be full.
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