Yeah, I work out

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It's always interesting for me to walk through airports because I can tell people want to ask me if I work out. I'm pretty sure they wonder what kind of athlete I am. I mean, it's clear I'm not a basketball player (I'm not even 6' tall). But, of course it's obvious to them, because of my muscular build and the cat-like way I move, that I'm some kind of athlete. They never seem to work up the courage to ask me but I'm sure the question is on the tip of their tongues. Probably most people figure I'm a track and field guy or maybe a soccer player. Or maybe rugby. .

Okay, back to reality. That is a total fantasy. No one has ever, even in my dreams, asked me if I work out. Sometimes complete strangers will approach me and ask, "Are you okay?" but that's not quite the same, is it.

Some Christians think their lives are going to be soooo amazingly different that strangers will come up and say, "hey, what makes you so different?" And then, in this fantasy they'll get to share about Jesus.
They're fond of quoting the apparently shy Francis who is reputed to have said, "preach always and if necessary use words." Catchy phrase Francis, but it's not working. Maybe you need to start speaking up.
Let's clear our throats and use some words Francis.

I think it's called "lifestyle evangelism;" that hope that if we're decent Joes people will be drawn into God's kingdom. It's not working.
Sometimes we've got to say, "Jesus rescued my life and He can help you too." Let's preach always and start using words.

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