Back in my cubicle

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(Posted from Orlando)

Well, here I am, after a 2-week vacation, back in my cubicle. Same ol’ same ol’. Same 4 gray walls, same computer monitor, same old grind.

HA! Just kidding! I have such a cool job that even as my vacation was winding down I was looking forward to being back at “work.” I enjoy this work so much that it often seems like a place where duty and play intersect.

Vacation was good though. Three days in Jordan including a day-trip to Petra. The Jordanians were super-hospitable.
We also went to one of the possible baptismal sites of Jesus, on the Jordanian side of the river.
Then in Israel we rented a van, got lost several times, but somehow managed to see most of the major sites.
The things that most impressed me: Petra’s rock colorations and natural canyon are just incredible.
To stand on the edge of the sea of Galilee, in Capernaum, and remember all that happened there made me homesick for Jesus;

Serving communion to the family at the garden tomb…seeing the rock trench in which the stone would have been rolled away. I couldn’t keep the tears back;

Hiking to the waterfall at En Gedi and suspecting that David slept in the caves here, hiding from Saul.

I never had been too interested in visiting Israel. After all, Jesus made the land and sea in Maryland, too. But I’m thankful I could go, and I’m thankful for the rest, and I’m thankful to be back in my large “cubicle.”

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