20-minute church

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You’ve got to remember that not everything I say has been thoroughly thought-through (good trio of words, eh?). But here’s an idea: 20-Minute church services. Obviously not for everyone or everyplace but might be perfect sometimes.
So what do you eliminate?

Eliminate live offerings-people can give on-line or through machines in the lobby.

Reduce sermon to a 5-minute introduction and distribute the full version on CDs for later listening, in addition to posting as podcasts.
No announcements, just let people read them in handouts.

Reduce praise and worship time to 10 minutes: 3 good songs.

Voila…20 minutes.

Why? you may ask? To make the good new accessible to a busy people

Probably a terrible idea, I’d really argue against it, if people are only engaging once a week. But I’d give it a shot if it were in conjunction with outreach/service ministry during the week: less focus on the found ones, more on the wandering ones.

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