893 registered and counting!

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I've had three main questions about the Overflow Conference:

1) Would enough people come? We have no precedent for this kind of event and I'll confess to a few sleepless hours of tossing and turning, wondering what we'd do if we didn't hit the 800 minimum, for which we had contracted with the hotel.

ANSWER: Already 893 have registered and we still have 5 months to go!

2) Would we have a clean and usable plan for churches and individuals going forward from Overflow? This is not a 2-day event; it's the beginning of a 15-month focus on creating a culture. But culture creation needs a plan, a method, examples, resources.

ANSWER: The pieces of the plan are coming together…the way to connect peer-to-peer is well under way. The calendar breaks out into four 3-month checkpoints-so we can each check up on how we're doing at creating the culture. And it's becoming clear that some churches will want to "create from scratch" while others will want help: they'll want examples, suggestions, curriculum-options, and other resources. We still have work to do on this.

3) Will God speak to us as we gather? I'm still scared to death lest we hijack what He would be pleased to do among us. How can we restrain ourselves from making this a do-it-yourself project? We're desperate for God to speak.

ANSWER: I don't know what He wants to do or how. We're just trusting and leaving space for Him.

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