Haiti Update Jan 14, 2010 Noon

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


We continue to be in prayer for our Haitian brothers and sisters in crisis. Here are some recent developments:


Munos and Katie Zook were airlifted from Guantanamo Bay last night
because their conditions were deemed more serious than originally
thought. They arrived in Miami early this morning. Pacific Northwest
Superintendent Matt Whitehead is at the hospital and reports both are
doing well. They are in ICU but alert. Both have suffered quite a bit
of trauma but "we can be encouraged that God is answering prayer."
Katie's family is now at the hospital and has been a great
encouragement to her. I was able to speak to Jack for a few moments by
phone and encourage him with, "Well done good and faithful servant."
Jack asks us to not give up hope on Jeanne even though he recognizes
her rescue would require a miracle.
Free Methodist World Missions team, together with the Board of Bishops,
are working to produce a short video for use in FM churches on Sunday.
Please reserve a couple of minutes in your services to project this
video. I (Bishop Roller) will be the face of the video but will be
representing the broad spectrum of Free Methodists with ministry in
Haiti. Remember that International Child Care Ministries, Clear Blue
Global Water Project, FOHO (work teams), Eden Reforestation and other
FM-related ministries will be involved in our response. Please alert
ministries to connect with us before developing independent plans.

are working to put together an exploratory team to travel to Haiti and
connect with the Haitian church leaders. We will rely heavily on the
wisdom of the Haitian church to create a response strategy and action
plan. We also are working to make connections with other denominations
and NGOs to participate in a coordinated response. We anticipate this
exploratory team will provide a fuller assessment of the needs, as well
as the best way for North-American teams to respond over the next

next weeks and months will be filled with uncertainty and grief. At the
same time, we know God will redeem and heal. He will make sense out
what appears random and cruel. There will be opportunities for Haiti to
be rebuilt as a new Haiti. Soon, unprecedented opportunities will open
up in Haiti for the church to participate in building safer and better
housing, more reliable infrastructure and a more just society. The
Haitian FMC, which has always been intrinsically wholistic, will need
our partnership. Get ready.