From Haiti- Jan 16, 2010 17:00

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Left sto domingo 2:30am in YWAM convoy. Connected with Sami, Andy Yardy
and Voltaire at border about 9:30. Sami luna is president of Nacion en
While he drove me, his wife Kendra facilitated the departure of the last 6 missionaries from Sto. Domingo.

Slow and crowded 2-hr drive to Port-au-Prince. My observation is that
because Haiti already had the UN here they've geared up the response
very quickly.  Helicopters overhead, portable cell towers on trucks,
mobile kitchens, etc very evident.
In Port we went straight to the FOHO site and had a funeral service for
the 4 who died there. Erlin's widow was there as well as a small group
of staff. Andy videotaped it for family.(cell phone video here: ) They may want to use it for
memorial services.  I left instructions on what to do when excavation
begins and we went to the off-site mission house. There we met with
about 12 pastors, supts and lay persons.

They reviewed their losses for me, and we celebrated that no Free
Methodist pastors or families were killed. That's a miracle. Some are
still in hospital. (Innocencio's wife was thought dead but he found
her. That must have been a great meeting!

However, many have flattened houses. All are sleeping outdoors. Water
and food is in short supply. I felt the visit greatly encouraged them,
to see us there so quickly.
Several reminded me that I had preached on the resurrection the sunday
before in Haiti and that it had encouraged them throughout the week. I
had never preached on it before…I was just so excited about it I
wanted to share the truths with them.

Then 2 hrs back to DR before dark and now we're driving the 4 hrs back to Sto Domingo. Hopefully in a clean bed by midnight.
Thanks for your prayers. A long but very rewarding day. (cell phone video of report