Action Plan Accelerates

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After visiting Haiti on Saturday I realized the response plan I had initiated was too slow and too cautious. The Free Methodist World Missions team then jumped into action and accelerated the plan, pedal to the metal. We're sending "A" team on Thursday to evaluate, prioritize and establish an infrastructure to channel relief. Obviously we help everyone we can, but we have efficient established connections to those most in need through our network of superintendents and pastors. Our Haitian FM leaders are highly organized and connected.

The "A" team will be on the ground in Port-au-Prince for several days: priority will be given to evaluating the structural integrity of the standing schools because they can serve as temporary housing and relief centers, to connecting with aid and government distribution points for water, medicine, food and temporary shelter, and creating a plan for how relief teams can be effectively deployed.

At the same time, team "B" is mainly medical and will be working through the Dessalines Hospital. They will be working through northern points of entry into the country. Dessalines is about 4 hours north of PAP.

We will soon have information so "C" teams (relief teams from FM churches) can be formed and make plans. Several teams already have tickets and are awaiting resumption of commercial flights into PAP. They will coordinate through FMWM's VISA office. As you can imagine, we must have a way to keep "C" teams housed, fed, and usefully deployed (vehicles, communication, etc) or it will be a waste of money and energy.

Then, the first week of February the "D" team, made up of Canadian Bishop Keith Elford, Dominican Republic Bishop Cecilio Osoria, and me (U.S. Bishop David Roller) will go to coordinate leadership and relief between all four countries.

Please continue to pray for Haitian superintendents (Clovis, Delamy, Charite, Devarist, Clodius, Bathelemy). Those most directly involved are emotionally drained and near the breaking point. Also remember Linda Adams and her ICCM team-they carry a heavy burden too. Pray for "A" and "B" teams, they have planning, packing, shots, perhaps some fear.

Stateside, this has been Free Methodist World Mission's finest hour. I know that the focus is Haiti, not  North America, but I have to say this. They have responded in the most noble, most Christ-like ways. They scrambled all resources, personal and institutional. They laid aside every convenience, they didn't sleep, they didn't eat. For nearly 7 days they have had telephones glued to their ears, evacuating, developing multiple plans, juggling possibilities, consulting with experts, challenging the giving church. They didn't have enough information, much was unclear those first few days, but they did not hesitate; and then made a thousand mid-course corrections. Only God will know how to reward you. The church simply thanks you.