Overflow: promoted from Noun to Verb

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For two years "Overflow" has been a noun… the Overflow Conference.

But the conference started last night and "Overflow" is now a verb!

Bus after bus pulled up to the Doubletree dropping cheerful pastors and delegates.

There has been such an overwhelming response that we sold the hotel out.

At least one airplane coming from New York had mainly Overflowees on it.

The hotel lobby and convention center percolated with English, Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, etc.

For those old enough to remember, it reminded me of a really cool camp meeting, minus the dank smell of canvas tents. For those too young to remember, it was like the first day of school…minus the mean kids.

From the first minute of Thursday night's service, as we rose in praise our worthy God, to the last minute as we responded to pastor Hector's call to share God's heart of passion for souls, there was a sense of significance; of history being written, or maybe more accurately, of the future being written!

Now it's Friday, 6:30AM. Let's go write some more future.