Noon time and moon-time

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God's smart, with the whole day and night thing. I wouldn't
have thought of night-time. I'd have just made day-time, so people could
work all the time, thinking we'd all get a lot more done. But He
thought of the moon as well as the sun. That's a good enough reason to
really like God, right there. They introduce us to the pleasure of balance, contrast, and rhythm. Last night, from Lisbon, it was very clear. Perhaps you noticed it, too.

I have new binoculars and I've been looking at the moon through them.
They're only 8x but I can still see a lot of detail. Can't see the golf
ball but I can see the craters. Without fail looking at the moon
provokes a shrinking effect on me, it makes me feel small and lost in the larger
swirl of the universe. I feel that same way when I fly into a
major city and I wonder how we're ever supposed to connect the Jesus
story to so many people. It's overwhelming.

Then I pull away the binoculars and it's just a spot in the sky.  Or I
step off the plane into the
airport and there are just plain-old people around me, everyone with a
similar set of hopes, pains, loves and problems. No one person is
overwhelming, they're lovable one-by-one. The moon reminds me.