Told 3 stories last Night

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We're at the International Youth Convention(IYC) here in San Diego. What a sweet group of students. They came ready to praise God, make friends, and grow.

Last night I spoke and continued my emphasis on telling Bible stories. I told the Samaritan Siege story, the Prodigal Son story (really better titled the "Grumpy Firstborn story"), and the story of the resurrection of the body, in the context of the Haiti earthquake. 

Got a letter from Rosalba in Mexico. After Yvonne and I taught story-telling there last week Rosalba wrote and said she has told 22 Bible stories since last Friday and that 18 people had accepted Jesus as their savior as a result! I'm speechless (note the date in your calendars, probably won't happen again soon).

My thought last night was, wouldn't it be amazing if these hundreds of high school students could each get comfortable sharing short stories from the Bible? That through the hundreds of Bible stories, each one a pixel of a larger picture, that their friends and enemies could see God, and love Him with all their heart, soul, and strength?