Skying* in Manhattan

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I'm in NYC this weekend, skying out the land. (*Every time you read the word "sky" substitute a P for the K and you'll understand. I don't want to kick off some kind of security alert!)

One sixth of all Americans live within two hours of the I-95 corridor that runs between D.C. & Boston. Yesterday we rode the train from Baltimore to Manhattan…Wilmington, Philly, Trenton, Newark, etc. 55,000,000 people along those tracks.

I don't know what exactly I'm looking for, but I'm skying. We're meeting every day with different FM pastors here in NYC, trying to better understand their realities, their challenges, their sacrifices, their strategies.

I don't know much about this city, but I know a lot about the people who live here. I know too much about them. Yesterday we rode one of those double decker tourist buses, disguised as tourists. They thought I was looking at Grant's Tomb and Central park. Huh-uh.  I'm looking with other eyes. The eyes of a sky.

Could you pray for us right now? That we'll see and perceive well? That we'll find favor with this place? That we could begin to understand the vision of the leaders who have labored well here for years? That something in our experience might connect with some opportunity here? That we'll be good at skying?

Thanks and happy skying!