Always Noon

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I wouldn’t have thought of night. Had I invented everything…designed a cosmos that whirled around itself and a cute planet with clouds, I might have thought of clouds as a water-delivery system but it never would have occurred to me to let the whole thing rest every day. In fact, I wouldn’t have thought of day, because it only exists as contrasted to night. I would have designed the whole thing without an “off” switch. I mean, why switch it off? Why shut the whole thing down every 24 hours? I would have been designing it to grow and blossom and produce good fruit like cherries and dates. (I might not have invented poodles either, but that’s another blog. Definitely not toy poodles.)

But it turns out I like night; not the sinister side of night, but the “crawl into flannel sheets in the middle of winter” side of night. Not the “thugs under the bridge” side of night, but the “bone tired and slide into delicious sleep” side of night.

Night’s part of the rhythm that I wouldn’t have thought of. In my intensity to get stuff done I’m afraid I would have been a poor creator. But you could have guessed that. I suppose there are other things I would have forgotten, but I can’t remember them.

And now that I’ve just spent eight hours with my body in bed and my mind switched “off,” I’m glad He invented mornings too. That’s the problem with a 2nd-rate designer like me, I wouldn’t have thought of night so I couldn’t have thought of sunrises or sunsets. I would have only invented noon. Scorching noon with the occasional cloud to drop water on us.

I wouldn’t have invented down either, only up. I realize that would have affected my water-delivery system, so I’m going to have to study on that one for a bit…I know, “dew!”

Really, when you think about it, that was a lot of stuff to invent and make work together. Well done. Especially the whole night thing. Well done.