“Aguafiesta” from Moscow

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You don’t have to be a linguist to figure out what “Aguafiesta” means in Spanish. “Agua” is water. “Fiesta” is party. So an “Aguafiesta” is a party-drencher, or we’d say, a party-pooper, a wet-blanket. But you know what, wet-blankets always have their reasons. If you’ve ever asked somebody to turn the music down because you’ve got an early-morning you know what I mean. If you’ve ever called down the hallway for children to turn out the light and go to sleep you know what I mean.
It’s not that you don’t like parties or late-night reading, it’s just that you think something else is more important.
That’s why the elder-brother is so complex. By most measurements he was right and Jr. and the father were wrong. After all, the cloak, the shoes, the ring and the fatted calf were all his, given “unfairly” to Jr. on his return. He was almost right. But he had missed one huge thing, that made him way wrong; one huge reality that overrode all his “rightness.”

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