Everybody Dance Now, from Istanbul

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I lost my wedding ring back in the summer. I had made it myself (it’s just straight sterling silver, no stones or anything fancy) before our wedding. I had worn it for 41 years. And then I lost it. We turned the house upside-down but couldn’t find it. Then, a couple of months later, in August, my ring fell out of a stack of receipts onto my desk! I found my ring!

Did you ever have that panicky feeling of having lost something? And then that wave of happiness when you find it?

In the heart of old Istanbul are the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia church/museum. Separated only by a gigantic plaza, they stand as monuments to two faiths. We filmed this story one night on that plaza. The story appears to be about a lost coin but see what you think. I think it’s about something else.



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