Can’t Spin Charlottesville

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Yesterday I watched the saddening news about Charlottesville. I was in an airport and a gentleman near me said, “Why can’t they just be happy?” I have no idea who he meant by “they.” Fox News would have supposed he meant those who showed up to oppose the alt-right demonstrators. MSNBC would have supposed he meant the alt-right demonstrators. I watched both channels last night so I know the different spins they put on what happened and what followed. It’s amazing how the same events can be so differently reported.

But here’s what you can’t spin: A follower of Christ can not be a white supremacist. The concept that some race is better than any other race is absurd and abhorrent to those who recognize the image of God in all. There are not two alternate views that Christians can take on this. There is good and there is evil, and racism is evil.

A follower of Christ MUST be loving, because God is love. Any movement that suggests a superiority of one race over another is not getting that primary message.

I would have been among the counter-protesters in Charlottesville. I would have stood with the Black-Lives-Matter contingent. We Christians stand against anything that demeans any person, any race, any nationality, any gender, any political party. We are a people of love.