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Owners Own. From Milan, Italy

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What does an owner do when tenants turn on him? Right out of Luke, chapter 20; Jesus pokes at the religious leaders with his story of a vineyard owner who finally loses patience with his tenant-farmers. Yvonne and I filmed this in Milan, Italy. Watch for the sculpture of Saint Bartholomew, who was flayed alive, […]

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This is the one I was Dreading

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Over the past 5 years, in free moments here and there, Yvonne and I have been working to record the whole book of Luke in an oral, narrative style. There will be a total of 85 segments; 56 of them are done, 11 are shot but need to be edited, and 15 are left to […]

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The Eyes Have it from Jordan

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As a part of our “Spoken Luke” project, filmed all around the world, here’s a bit of Luke 18…the healing of a blind man near Jericho. Yvonne filmed this on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea…you can see Israel in the background. or on vimeo at:  

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Puerto Rico Update

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Just returned with Yvonne last night from Puerto Rico. Many have wondered how they can assist the Free Methodist Church as the island recovers from Hurricane Maria. Here’s an update:   or on Vimeo:    

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Shameless Audacity – Me?

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Have you prayed much lately? What’s the point anyway, if God knows everything? In this story Jesus tells us how to pray, why to pray and how much to pray! Don’t miss the drum line at the end. Lota is a small city in the middle of Chile. It’s right on the Pacific. It’s an […]

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