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Who’s your Daddy?

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From a tree branch to a new family tree. Apparently a short story about a short man. But no, it’s not about a short man or a tree, it’s about how the short man moves into a new family tree…getting a new father, Abraham. Shot at Liberty Hall in Philadelphia.   Or on Vimeo:

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Cheer up, Church!

Comments Off on Cheer up, Church! | Read more The sheep of Lancashire, England, grazing on rolling hills, bleated at us to tell this story. We imposed on the Carter family and Robert graciously sent his dog Monty across the field to round-up several sheep for the storytelling. Between calls of “walk,” and “away,” Monty kept the sheep in line while I wrestled […]

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Better Late than “Late”

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Who hasn’t stood frustrated and angry beside a casket? Death is a big deal. It’s the shroud over all humankind. Jesus simply speaks, and the clammy hands of death release their grip on his friend. “‘Ego Eimi’ the resurrection,” he says. “I am the resurrection.” We filmed this story in the lush courtyard of our […]

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Whole Earth Stories: First Love

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When I was 15 I was red-hot on fire with spiritual intensity. I still am…but it’s a deep sustainable fire, like those fireplace embers that carry through, even on a cold winter’s night. Here’s a story about a place that was red-hot, and struggled to exist in the middle of a cold environment. Or on […]

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