Can’t Spin Charlottesville

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Yesterday I watched the saddening news about Charlottesville. I was in an airport and a gentleman near me said, “Why can’t they just be happy?” I have no idea who he meant by “they.” Fox News would have supposed he meant those who showed up to oppose the alt-right demonstrators. MSNBC would have supposed he […]

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Cloaks and Dagger

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I imagine that most every preacher, everywhere has observed the tremendous disparity between those who acclaimed Jesus as he rode down the Mount of Olives and those who were plotting to kill him; between those who laid their cloaks on the road to receive their messiah, and those who whispered about daggers, a sword, or […]

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Sign Language In Phoenix

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Wouldn’t it be great if God gave you a sign? Just a really obvious thing so you never had to wonder, or take that leap of faith, again? Like seeing the city of Mosul repent of all its evil (read the story of Jonah/Nineveh). Or how about having people come from Africa just to hear […]

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A Taxing Question

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It began with a divisive question, “Should we support a bad government with our taxes?” It ended with, “Whose inscription is on your heart?”     or on Vimeo at:

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Isaacsons’ Christmas

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Wise men. Shepherds. Manger. Jacob & Esau?!? They’re not typically a part of the Christmas story. But they’re part of the backstory. They’re part of the reason Jesus came. To mess with family messes. When God-is-with-us, families find their way forward; broken relationships are healed. Yvonne and I made this video for you to enjoy, […]

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